This notice is provided in accordance with the Law on Electronic Communications (ZEKom-1), which regulates the rules regarding the use of cookies and similar technologies for storing data or accessing data stored on the user’s computer, smartphone, or other device.

Cookies are small text files created by websites during visits and are transferred to the user’s computer, smartphone, or other device during the visit to the website and are used in the browser. Cookies are essential for providing user-friendly, faster, and easier web services. The most common functions of e-commerce would not be possible without cookies. They help websites remember user preferences and experiences, saving time and making browsing the web more efficient and user-friendly. The storage of cookies is under the complete control of the user’s browser – they can limit or disable the storage of cookies as desired. Cookies are not harmful and are always time-limited.

Deleting or blocking cookies will cause the website to not function properly or as efficiently. If the user deletes all cookies, their settings will not be saved, and they will receive a cookie notice each time they visit the website. Most modern web browsers allow users to view all stored cookies and enable them to delete all or individual cookies, as well as allowing them to block or allow cookies for all websites or individual selected websites. Information about cookies is usually found in the “help” section of web browsers.

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